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What is better Fiberglass Swimming Pools or Concrete?

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You’ve finally decided to set up an in-ground pool, feels great right? However, you’re torn in between installing a concrete or fiberglass pool. The contradicting information doesn’t help as different contractors have different preferences.

If this is you, we’re going to discuss what is better between fiberglass and concrete swimming pools. You’ll get to learn the benefits and limitations of each so that you are able to choose what meets your needs.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are made using the fiberglass pool technology. It is a technology that allows setting up the pool without much groundwork. They are pre-made in a factory and only require fixing on the ground with minimal work.


Quick installation

Since the shells of the pools come built from off-site companies, the installation process is quick taking an average of 3 to 6 weeks. In some cases, it takes a shorter time if the pool is smaller.

Low maintenance cost

They have a smooth surface that is non-porous. Therefore, there is minimal to no growth of algae in the pool. In turn, the maintenance using chemicals and other cleaning procedure is drastically reduced. Since the frequency of maintenance is minimal, the cost is also low.

What’s more, the lifespan of fiberglass pools is 25 years giving quality service when compared to vinyl and concrete. This is because the material is strong and durable.

Built-in features

Most of the pool designs have additional features such as seats and steps in the shell. They are convenient and save the cost of installation. The best part? There are beautiful designs and finishes options to choose from elevating the pool experience.


Limited shapes and designs

Fiberglass pools originate from molds and there are limited shapes and sizes. Their sizes are also limited to 16’ due to shipping restrictions.

High initial installation cost

The initial cost of investment is higher when compared to concrete and vinyl.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are built by excavating large holes, doing the formwork while incorporating reinforcing bars and mesh. Moreover, there is the process of dry-mixing concrete and blowing it under pressure. Compared to fiberglass, it requires a lot of work taking more time.


Flexibility in shape, size, and design

You’re able to set up a large pool without a restriction on size, depth, and shape. Sounds good? In addition, the design features are more flexible.

The best part?

The ability to create a unique and customized feel. For example, the inclusion of natural features such as grottos and rocks.


Require regular maintenance

The pools are affected by black algae requiring regular maintenance. They, therefore, cost more in the long-run.

Take longer to build

The process of setting up is involving thus takes longer

Cause Injury

The floor has a rough finish that may cause injuries when barefoot.


Fiberglass pools seem to be better than concrete pools since they require less maintenance and are cheaper in the long run. However, the preference varies with individual needs since one may prefer not to be limited by size, shape and design.

Finding The Right Real Estate Broker

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If you’ve already saved enough money to buy your first house, you need to make sure that you invest your money on the right kind of property. There are literally thousands of homes for sale out there so you need to be carefully as to which one of them you’re going to choose. If you think that you’re not equipped with enough skill and knowledge about the real estate industry, then you need to find yourself an experienced real estate agent or broker who’s going to make the entire process of buying a house a whole lot easier, faster, and stress-free so that you can focus on other important things such as getting furniture and looking for good schools where you can enroll your kids.

The kind of real estate that you’re going to get for the job will have a huge effect on the kind of house that you’re going to end up buying so you need to make sure that you hire the right professional. A great broker is focused on helping his client get the best deal for his money rather than focusing on the amount of money that he’s going to get in terms of commissions.

Learn more about real estate at

An Overlook of the Real Estate Market in Malta

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How is the property market in Malta looking?

Despite the global, national and local economic struggles of recent times, the Malta Real Estate market continues to grow and evolve.

As the market re-calibrates itself, new opportunities have arisen for buyers, not only in the form of price reductions on older inventory, but also on new listings that are coming on the market at prices that haven’t been seen in the past few years.

Price vs. value

It’s no secret that home prices are down, but the secret is that value isn’t.  The true value of a property – its location, characteristics, amenities, etc. – are seen through the lens of the market.  As the market adjusts, so does perceived value.  In order to take advantage of this dynamic as a buyer, it’s important not to lose sight of the basics.  Always remember there’s a “deal” and then there’s “value.”

The L-Word

The #1 rule in real estate still holds true – location, location, location.  You will still pay more for a premium location, but there’s a good chance that it will hold its value and offer greater appreciation over time than a property in a less prime location. It’s a great time to look at locations that might have previously been out of your budget.

Bang for your Buck

We met Euchar from Karkanja property for sale in Malta and he stated the following.  When the market is hot, it’s often a “take-what-you-can get” experience for buyers.  In this market, you’d be surprised what you can get for your dollar.  There are many houses on the market that simply could not be replaced for the asking price.  Look for properties that have been well-kept, maintained and updated – it’s a good time to buy as much house as you can for your money, as long as you don’t buy more than you need or can afford.

Green on a budget

While most of the attention paid to “green” building is focused on new construction and the ever-evolving list of more efficient building products and systems, for those that don’t have the money or resources to pursue the ultimate in high-efficiency new construction, there is a lot to be said for “recycling” a property. Older homes, especially those built from the 1920s to the 1950s, are typically built with relatively modern materials.  By upgrading energy features such as windows, air conditioning systems, heating systems, and plumbing features, it’s possible to “recycle” an older structure and refurbish it for less than what it would cost to replace.

A word on foreclosures

In the case of foreclosures, it is truly a buyer-beware situation.  Typically, by the time a property gets foreclosed upon, it has not been occupied for a period of time, and quite often not well-maintained for even longer. The condition and even the location of the well & septic are often not known, appliances are often gone or broken, and the heat and plumbing are often turned off, making inspection difficult if not impossible.  All that said, it’s not impossible to make a deal.  Have your Realtor gather as much information as they can – foreclosure properties often have quite a paper trail and your agent might be privy to the history of the property.


Farmhouses in Gozo

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Gozo Traditional Farmhouses

Taking time to rent a farm house in Gozo with a private pool, internet and BBQ is a Romantic Hideaway in a peaceful location that is close to all amenities. Located near the quiet fishing hamlet of Imgarr, this farmhouse is an ideal holiday accommodation in Gozo for one or more families and is perfect for a romantic getaway break.

Decorated with warm Mediterranean colors, it offers a unique opportunity for our esteemed clients to be taken back in time – yet still enjoys all the modern conveniences and comfort. Its location provides you with stunning scenery, lovely walks in the countryside and sunny secluded spots for sunbathing.

For those who would like to start enjoying the gozo life, you can visit Malta Sotheby’s – Gozo property for sale

Atmosphere is definitely the keyword. Its cozy rustic kitchen, very luminous spectacular dining and living rooms combined, well-lit and warmed by the sun give you a sense of tranquility and peace as soon as you step in. The sunny patio garden with its ever-blossoming flowers inspires you to breath the fresh air while dining al fresco, swimming in the pool or simply sharing a family anniversary during tea time or barbecue night in total privacy.

Here are some salient features of the typical farmhouses we have available for rent in Gozo. Remember, that these vary from property to property, However, they are more or less the same as whatever is mentioned here.


  • Bedroom 1 with California King size bed, one bunkbed, internet access & printer.
  • Bedroom 2 with twin beds and AC, designed with local bamboo features
  • Bedroom 3 with California King size bed, AC, secluded, definitely the most romantic.


  • En suite bathroom to bedroom 3 with bath and WC, hairdryer and hair straightener utilities.
  • Bathroom with shower over and sink.


Rustic-style kitchen overlooking the pool, fully equipped with gas hob/oven/electric grill, fridge/freezer, microwave, Lavazza Espresso and Cappuccino coffee machine, electric kettle, toaster, juicer, automatic washing machine and plenty of kitchenware.

Utility Room:

Iron & ironing board. clothes horse. Cleaning materials and liquids for hand wash, plates, floor, clothes detergent and softener, insect spray, air refresher, dustbins.

Living Rooms:

Country-style living room combined with spacious dining room comprises LCD Philips TV, satellite and local channels, DVD and CD player, video, TV headphones, radio alarm, book library, large information noticeboard and sofa bed opening in double bed size.


Entrance hall includes a sensor light control system and welcoming soft lighting, large wall mirror, wall safe deposit, clothes hangers, umbrella rack, key holder, shoe storage and tourist information shelves.

Once a week maid service and change of towels and linen are included in the weekly tariff. Beach & Gym towels are included. Additional maid or baby sitter service are also available upon request. A lovely patio garden with private pool, pool shower, barbecue, outdoor furniture and sunbeds are all available. Pool rules and safety equipment as well as children’s water toys are available.

Taking time off and spending with family or friends on a lovely farm house is nothing short of a dream! If you haven’t already, we advise you to rent one of these farm houses and have the time of your life!

Malta Apartments For Rent

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Malta Apartments For Rent Can Be Found At Different Price Points

When you look up apartments for rent in Malta, first make sure you have the right location. There is in fact apartments in New York in a place called Malta. Is that the location you’re looking for, or are you searching out luxurious vacation or long-term rental apartments in Malta overseas? There are many advantages to these properties, and as a foreigner, you certainly want to know what to expect ahead of time when planning to rent an apartment there. Have you ever visited Malta before?

If you plan on living in Malta, you’re going to want to know more about the local guidelines for foreigners than you would if you were just vacationing. People come to Malta for retirement, and they also come for work. Think about all of those people that work online these days. That’s what I did. I work online as a writer, so I moved to the beach. It would be difficult to find the right work in the tourism industry here, but I took my work with me.

You are also as a foreigner going to want to familiarize yourself with the different communities in Malta. If you are going to be working somewhere there, you will want to know more about your work area and the commute. Where are all of your essentials going to be found? In other words, where are you going to shop for groceries, and what kinds of cultural differences can you expect when you’re out on the town?

It is mentioned in reviews that the prices can be very affordable when you’re looking for apartments for rent in Malta. It was also mentioned earlier that you can find some luxurious rental properties. What do you expect to be provided? You certainly can find affordable rates, but the more luxury amenities you want, the more you’re going to pay of course.

There are unfurnished rentals, and you can imagine those would be cheaper as well.Yet, I don’t think I would want to rent an unfurnished property if I were a foreigner. Agents talk about helping people find furnishings, but that would still be quite a task on top of culturally adjusting to a new place. I think I would want a rental with everything provided, but I would still leave out most of the luxurious amenities for a more simple pad. Are you going to demand a pool, or are you good with finding the nearest beach?