The Most Expensive Suburbs In Melbourne Property Market

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Even though the property market in Sydney is already starting to cool down these past few years, the property market in Melbourne is still at its peak and there are a few certain suburbs that are always at the top of the list. In this article we’re going to take a close look at the most expensive suburbs in the Melbourne property market today.


This place used to be a swamp and has been considered to be quite a chameleon because it used to be a busy port in the early 1900s as well. After that, it was abandoned and later on became the warehouse rave scene. During the 1990s, this place was then renewed through the efforts of the Kennett government.

Today, Docklands is one of the most sought after business locations in Melbourne according to Melbourne home builders. It has a good number of retailers and banks, which most have their headquarters there. This suburb is only 2 kilometers away from the CBD and most of its properties are composed of apartments. This is the reason why there are only a few houses available in this area, which in turn is the reason for their rapid increase in value for the past 12 months. According to our data, the prices for homes in Docklands have shot up by 70% in value over that time.


This is located 10 kilometers east of the city and is very famous for its leafy boulevards and historic, luxurious homes. On top of that, Canterbury is also the home of most of the best schools in Melbourne. The iconic Maling Road shopping precinct can also be found in this suburb.

Some of the famous residents of Canterbury are Coles Myer, Kylie Minogue, and AMP chairman Stan Wallis. Properties aren’t cheap here because they average at $1.1 million.


Among all of the suburbs on the list, Kooyong is considered to be the most expensive one according to the available current sales data gathered by Canny Builders. This suburb is located 7 kilometers southeast of the CBD and houses here average at $3.5 million.

This suburb is the home of the famous Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club, which is one of the original venues where the Australian Open used to be held at. Today, the stadium has been turned into a hard court facility which is used to host the Kooyong Classic every year. The values of properties in Kooyong have increased by 15.5% over the past year, which is proof that the inner Melbourne property market still has a lot of life left in it.

East Melbourne

This suburb is located in the inner east part of Melbourne and is just 2 kilometers away from the city center. Since East Melbourne is one of the oldest suburbs on the list, it serves as the home of a number of different important health, religious, and government institutions.

Most of the houses you can find in this area are heritage-listed mansions; those that have gentrified terraces; art deco buildings; and the famous Queen Bess Row, which is an apartment building that was built in the 1880s.

The Different Pros And Cons To Using A Multipurpose Housing Design

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Owning or managing a multipurpose housing, particularly when looking at the slow economy and growing concerns with the environment, there are means for multiple challenges. However, taking a look at the housing design one will also see that there are means for multiple benefits. According to architect John Breshears, the greatest concern all people have about multipurpose housing designs is keeping the space leased. provide the information and help you need when picking a specific housing design.

John Breshears, the principal architect at ZGF Architects LLP, states that developers will gauge their projects over several years and may result in spaces that are not being rented. Conversely, a principal architect at Morris & Ritchie Associates argues that the multipurpose housing design is more appealing. Sean Davis states that clients believe this design as a “24/7 feel” and people feel they can walk from their home to the street and go shopping without having to get into their car.

This concept of diversification is highly beneficial for housing design, and it also increases the level of efficiency in the structure. As the land is being used in a horizontal format, it is considered more efficient and consumptive as compared to the traditional vertical option. Davis purports that the client is able to receive a higher density from a commercial and residential perspective by stacking the spaces instead of laying them out.

Of course, this does not mean that vertical multipurpose housing designs are not beneficial. Davis argued that the vertically multipurpose structures can be advantageous as they reduce the need for long-term maintenance of the building. For example, says Davis, if apartments were stacked over a retail store then they would be able to maintain the building more simply.

The majority of owners and developers of multipurpose structures see the opportunity for green efforts. Sustainable buildings reduce energy use and can improve the energy efficiency; thereby saving on costs and increasing the rental attraction. However, in this slow economy, the owner needs to make sure the return on property investment is worth choosing sustainable materials.

Bill Feinberg of Feinberg & Associates architectural firm states that many developments using multipurpose designs are implementing newer systems, such as sophisticated means to control maintenance or energy costs. Developers and builders are willing to put equipment into these projects based on rate of investment return, but they need to question if the cost outweighs the return.

With all of these beneficial aspects, it seems difficult to note any challenges to the use of multipurpose housing designs; however, there are some. The most common problems, noted by Feinberg, include smells, traffic, and trash being transferred from one part of the building to another. Feinberg’s advice to deal with this situation is simple – use a mediator. This needs to be conducted immediately and must be sophisticated, particularly in cases where odours are moving from one area to another.

In summation, one can see that the use of a multipurpose design is beneficial; however, there are problems as well. Using this information, you can decide if this design is the best option for your needs.

Selling Homes to an Investor VS an Agent

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Are you selling your home? If you have decided to sell out your home, next what? Selling your home could be a major decision in your life. As such, it needs in-depth research and speculation while looking out for the best options to make the best deal. Everyone’s seller wishes to sell his or her home in the quickest and the most hassle-free manner. There are several options for making this possible. Most of the time, the sellers are confused about going for an investor or an agent while selling their homes.

Both working with an investor or an agent could be beneficial with respect to your financial future. However, the overall success of your real estate deal would depend significantly on the selling situations. In this article, we will help you understand the best option to sell out your home –with an investor or with an agent. By being an educated seller, you can ensure the quickest and the most profitable way of ending the given real estate deal.

When to Consider Listing with a Real Estate Agent

The main aim of any real estate agent is to achieve effective marketing of your house in its best condition in order to make it sell out at the highest possible price. When it comes to showcasing their expertise in the given field, the realtors are known to bring in a lot of efforts and professionalism to the table. They know exactly how to make your house sell. Most of the real estate agents have access to excellent marketing resources along with a variety of methods to enable the selling of your house at a reasonable price. They are able to offer a realistic perspective on the ongoing selling prices in the market as they are not emotionally attached to the given real estate property as you might be.

Another major advantage towards working with a professional realtor is that they are able to negotiate effectively for you. They are adept at persuading and finagling offers in order to obtain the best financial situation for your real estate deal. Realtors are also known to plan out everything –right from showing your house to finalizing the venture with the buyers such that you do not have to deal with anything. On an overall basis, working with a professional real estate agent will help you in staying focused financially throughout the selling process.

When to Consider Selling with a Real Estate Investor

When it comes to the real estate investor, their primary aim is to deliver a high-end win-win situation for the sellers. They would definitely want you to earn higher profits. At the same time, they would also make sure that you get what you want & need. Investors are known to just not go ahead with buying any property. They will go forward with buying properties only with which they can earn ample profits. Usually, the role of the real estate investors comes into play in situations wherein the seller might be under some financial urgency or burden.

One of the major benefits of working with an investor is that you can be assured of the quickest selling of your home in its given “as is” condition with instant cash. Working with investors is known to be a very quick and hassle-free process. In most of the times, the closing of the deal happens usually within a week of the offer in case it is desired by the seller. This helps in relieving the seller from the financial burden of updating or repairing the given property before making the sale. Moreover, it also relieves the seller from the burden of keeping the property intact for several months towards ensuring a profitable sale. In addition to this, there is no worry about the additional costs or realtor fees in the given case.

Working with an investor might not be the best deal for everyone. It is usually considered lucrative for those who are looking out for the quickest and the most convenient selling of their homes or properties.

Listing your home or property with an agent or an investor comes with its own sets of pros & cons. While some may traditionally choose agents, there are often some cases where investors, such as Home Buyer Houston, can be of more use in particular situations.

What is better Fiberglass Swimming Pools or Concrete?

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You’ve finally decided to set up an in-ground pool, feels great right? However, you’re torn in between installing a concrete or fiberglass pool. The contradicting information doesn’t help as different contractors have different preferences.

If this is you, we’re going to discuss what is better between fiberglass and concrete swimming pools. You’ll get to learn the benefits and limitations of each so that you are able to choose what meets your needs.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are made using the fiberglass pool technology. It is a technology that allows setting up the pool without much groundwork. They are pre-made in a factory and only require fixing on the ground with minimal work.


Quick installation

Since the shells of the pools come built from off-site companies, the installation process is quick taking an average of 3 to 6 weeks. In some cases, it takes a shorter time if the pool is smaller.

Low maintenance cost

They have a smooth surface that is non-porous. Therefore, there is minimal to no growth of algae in the pool. In turn, the maintenance using chemicals and other cleaning procedure is drastically reduced. Since the frequency of maintenance is minimal, the cost is also low.

What’s more, the lifespan of fiberglass pools is 25 years giving quality service when compared to vinyl and concrete. This is because the material is strong and durable.

Built-in features

Most of the pool designs have additional features such as seats and steps in the shell. They are convenient and save the cost of installation. The best part? There are beautiful designs and finishes options to choose from elevating the pool experience.


Limited shapes and designs

Fiberglass pools originate from molds and there are limited shapes and sizes. Their sizes are also limited to 16’ due to shipping restrictions.

High initial installation cost

The initial cost of investment is higher when compared to concrete and vinyl.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are built by excavating large holes, doing the formwork while incorporating reinforcing bars and mesh. Moreover, there is the process of dry-mixing concrete and blowing it under pressure. Compared to fiberglass, it requires a lot of work taking more time.


Flexibility in shape, size, and design

You’re able to set up a large pool without a restriction on size, depth, and shape. Sounds good? In addition, the design features are more flexible.

The best part?

The ability to create a unique and customized feel. For example, the inclusion of natural features such as grottos and rocks.


Require regular maintenance

The pools are affected by black algae requiring regular maintenance. They, therefore, cost more in the long-run.

Take longer to build

The process of setting up is involving thus takes longer

Cause Injury

The floor has a rough finish that may cause injuries when barefoot.


Fiberglass pools seem to be better than concrete pools since they require less maintenance and are cheaper in the long run. However, the preference varies with individual needs since one may prefer not to be limited by size, shape and design.

Going For The Right Real Estate Company

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Buying real estate is a wise decision as investing in different kinds of properties especially a home of your own can be of great benefit to you in the future. There are tons of properties for sale out there so choosing the right one might be quite a challenge if you don’t know how to go about the task properly on your own. This is where a good and reputable real estate company like can help you out.

The problem is the fact that there are also lots of real estate companies out there so you need to do some careful researching and canvassing around first before you choose one so that you can be sure that you get the services of the best professionals in the industry.

Take the time to ask for recommendations from your family, relatives, and close friends. They will surely give you a good list of companies that you can further check out yourself. In addition to that, you can also try doing a Google search for companies in your area or city. From there, list down the best ones then check out their websites. If there are customer reviews posted, be sure to read those.

Tips for Searching New Homes in Bowmanville Canada

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New Homes in Bowmanville

Knowing how to purchase a home will help you in your new home buying process. Buying homes is one of the biggest financial transactions in your life and it may be intimidating for anybody. It is crucial for buyers to educate themselves to protect their equity. In the market in Bowmanville, the new homes are very popular because of the increasing number of the town’s population.

If you are buying a new home in Bowmanville and wish to learn more about the procedure, this guide will help you:

Educate Yourself on the Process of Buying New Homes

You will probably notice from that first step in the process of buying a new home includes paying a big dividends to start with an education. Not having strategies, the right education, and the right team might cost you a big amount of money. Understanding future plans and neighborhood details will help you determine the best community that’s good for you. Once you educate yourself, it is now the best time to find money.

Team Up with Lenders on a Mortgage

Anytime you talk to somebody’s going to purchase a home or considering buying homes, the first thing that you should do aside from educating yourself is shopping around.  With this, you will be able to find the right and best company suited for your needs. In addition to that, remember that there is a lot that goes into selecting the right lender and the right mortgage.

Research the Builder

Tips for Searching New Homes in Bowmanville Canada new homes are different from the new construction in other places. The builders can’t build fast enough just to keep up with the consumer demands that pose a new set of challenges whenever negotiating the best deals with the builders. That is the reason why it is crucial for you to ensure that you are working with the top real estate agent. They’ll also ensure that your new home is a good deal. Researching for the best builder in Bowmanville isn’t the most fun in the process of buying new homes. But, you have to take note that it is very important. You might think it’s easy, yet it would always be a wise move to shop around first before you settle down with a particular company. 

You’re Buying a New Home and Not a Model Home

Usually, the model home which most builders have their prospects walk through are complete with amenities and upgrades, so it is essential to understand what your chosen model comes with and what doesn’t. Sometimes, you may offer buying the model home if it is what you like.

You have to remember that buying a new home is a different dynamic than purchasing a home that someone has lived in. You’ll be purchasing directly from the builder that built the home with sole purpose of offering the property at a profit. For you to understand more about the strategies of buying new homes, you have to put yourself in the builder’s shoes.





Finding The Right Real Estate Broker

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If you’ve already saved enough money to buy your first house, you need to make sure that you invest your money on the right kind of property. There are literally thousands of homes for sale out there so you need to be carefully as to which one of them you’re going to choose. If you think that you’re not equipped with enough skill and knowledge about the real estate industry, then you need to find yourself an experienced real estate agent or broker who’s going to make the entire process of buying a house a whole lot easier, faster, and stress-free so that you can focus on other important things such as getting furniture and looking for good schools where you can enroll your kids.

The kind of real estate that you’re going to get for the job will have a huge effect on the kind of house that you’re going to end up buying so you need to make sure that you hire the right professional. A great broker is focused on helping his client get the best deal for his money rather than focusing on the amount of money that he’s going to get in terms of commissions.

Learn more about real estate at

How Can A Building Collapse If Its Not Underpinned Properly

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How Can A Building Collapse If Its Not Underpinned Properly

Underpinning is a method that is employed while setting up buildings to solidify them into the ground.

This is a unique option and is used by some but what if a building collapses? How can it collapse when underpinning has occurred? There are many reasons for why it might collapse and here are a few of them.


This is one of those things that a lot of people mention when it comes to buildings and underpinning. This is why it is being mentioned first in this read.

Sinking occurs, and that leads the building to fall through the soil and into a rut of sorts. This is where it starts to sway and fall.

It is essential to keep an eye on this, so it doesn’t start to collapse immediately and always use a professional. Go to Underpinning Melbournes Website to get some more information.

Movement of Soil

The one thing a lot of people have to deal with involves the soil. This is a real issue as the soil can start to move and that is when the structure loses stability. It is important to take a look at the structure from all angles to ensure there aren’t weak spots along the way.

This can be worrisome for those who want to ensure they are safe.

Extra Moisture Retention

Now, this will take a while to occur, but it is a reality some deal with when it comes to underpinning. The structure starts to sit on unstable ground, and that has to do with moisture retention. When the surface starts to moisten, it will lose its stability, and that is when the structure can collapse.

This is why it is always important to keep an eye out on the structure at all times to ensure it is being inspected and taken care of as much as possible. If not, it will fall and cause issues.

These are the reasons structures can fall if they have been underpinned. This is why the underpinning has to be done with care and by professionals underpinners before it is passable. This is why attention to detail matters and emphasis is given in this direction to those who are looking to maximize their building.

Shelving and storage in building can also contribute to collapse. The reason being, overloaded walls. If you keep loading weak walls with shelving, especially metal shelving, the wall could collapse.

There are far too many examples of structures that were not underpinned as they were supposed to be and that is why things fell apart. It is best to avoid this from happening by staying patient.

An Overlook of the Real Estate Market in Malta

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How is the property market in Malta looking?

Despite the global, national and local economic struggles of recent times, the Malta Real Estate market continues to grow and evolve.

As the market re-calibrates itself, new opportunities have arisen for buyers, not only in the form of price reductions on older inventory, but also on new listings that are coming on the market at prices that haven’t been seen in the past few years.

Price vs. value

It’s no secret that home prices are down, but the secret is that value isn’t.  The true value of a property – its location, characteristics, amenities, etc. – are seen through the lens of the market.  As the market adjusts, so does perceived value.  In order to take advantage of this dynamic as a buyer, it’s important not to lose sight of the basics.  Always remember there’s a “deal” and then there’s “value.”

The L-Word

The #1 rule in real estate still holds true – location, location, location.  You will still pay more for a premium location, but there’s a good chance that it will hold its value and offer greater appreciation over time than a property in a less prime location. It’s a great time to look at locations that might have previously been out of your budget.

Bang for your Buck

We met Euchar from Karkanja property for sale in Malta and he stated the following.  When the market is hot, it’s often a “take-what-you-can get” experience for buyers.  In this market, you’d be surprised what you can get for your dollar.  There are many houses on the market that simply could not be replaced for the asking price.  Look for properties that have been well-kept, maintained and updated – it’s a good time to buy as much house as you can for your money, as long as you don’t buy more than you need or can afford.

Green on a budget

While most of the attention paid to “green” building is focused on new construction and the ever-evolving list of more efficient building products and systems, for those that don’t have the money or resources to pursue the ultimate in high-efficiency new construction, there is a lot to be said for “recycling” a property. Older homes, especially those built from the 1920s to the 1950s, are typically built with relatively modern materials.  By upgrading energy features such as windows, air conditioning systems, heating systems, and plumbing features, it’s possible to “recycle” an older structure and refurbish it for less than what it would cost to replace.

A word on foreclosures

In the case of foreclosures, it is truly a buyer-beware situation.  Typically, by the time a property gets foreclosed upon, it has not been occupied for a period of time, and quite often not well-maintained for even longer. The condition and even the location of the well & septic are often not known, appliances are often gone or broken, and the heat and plumbing are often turned off, making inspection difficult if not impossible.  All that said, it’s not impossible to make a deal.  Have your Realtor gather as much information as they can – foreclosure properties often have quite a paper trail and your agent might be privy to the history of the property.


Farmhouses in Gozo

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Gozo Traditional Farmhouses

Taking time to rent a farm house in Gozo with a private pool, internet and BBQ is a Romantic Hideaway in a peaceful location that is close to all amenities. Located near the quiet fishing hamlet of Imgarr, this farmhouse is an ideal holiday accommodation in Gozo for one or more families and is perfect for a romantic getaway break.

Decorated with warm Mediterranean colors, it offers a unique opportunity for our esteemed clients to be taken back in time – yet still enjoys all the modern conveniences and comfort. Its location provides you with stunning scenery, lovely walks in the countryside and sunny secluded spots for sunbathing.

For those who would like to start enjoying the gozo life, you can visit Malta Sotheby’s – Gozo property for sale

Atmosphere is definitely the keyword. Its cozy rustic kitchen, very luminous spectacular dining and living rooms combined, well-lit and warmed by the sun give you a sense of tranquility and peace as soon as you step in. The sunny patio garden with its ever-blossoming flowers inspires you to breath the fresh air while dining al fresco, swimming in the pool or simply sharing a family anniversary during tea time or barbecue night in total privacy.

Here are some salient features of the typical farmhouses we have available for rent in Gozo. Remember, that these vary from property to property, However, they are more or less the same as whatever is mentioned here.


  • Bedroom 1 with California King size bed, one bunkbed, internet access & printer.
  • Bedroom 2 with twin beds and AC, designed with local bamboo features
  • Bedroom 3 with California King size bed, AC, secluded, definitely the most romantic.


  • En suite bathroom to bedroom 3 with bath and WC, hairdryer and hair straightener utilities.
  • Bathroom with shower over and sink.


Rustic-style kitchen overlooking the pool, fully equipped with gas hob/oven/electric grill, fridge/freezer, microwave, Lavazza Espresso and Cappuccino coffee machine, electric kettle, toaster, juicer, automatic washing machine and plenty of kitchenware.

Utility Room:

Iron & ironing board. clothes horse. Cleaning materials and liquids for hand wash, plates, floor, clothes detergent and softener, insect spray, air refresher, dustbins.

Living Rooms:

Country-style living room combined with spacious dining room comprises LCD Philips TV, satellite and local channels, DVD and CD player, video, TV headphones, radio alarm, book library, large information noticeboard and sofa bed opening in double bed size.


Entrance hall includes a sensor light control system and welcoming soft lighting, large wall mirror, wall safe deposit, clothes hangers, umbrella rack, key holder, shoe storage and tourist information shelves.

Once a week maid service and change of towels and linen are included in the weekly tariff. Beach & Gym towels are included. Additional maid or baby sitter service are also available upon request. A lovely patio garden with private pool, pool shower, barbecue, outdoor furniture and sunbeds are all available. Pool rules and safety equipment as well as children’s water toys are available.

Taking time off and spending with family or friends on a lovely farm house is nothing short of a dream! If you haven’t already, we advise you to rent one of these farm houses and have the time of your life!